Many teachers and administrators have taken advantage of our special single payment education loan.  Here is how it works.

When you are taking courses for certification, as a member of the credit union, you can call us to borrow the money needed for the tuition.  Instead of using your credit card for the class, we will set you up with our easy single payment education loan.  When the class is completed and you submit it to the school board for approval, they will write you a check for the class.  You endorse the check, give it to us plus any balance and interest due and the loan is paid off with one easy payment.  You don't have to use your own money up front to pay for the class.  What can be easier?

All we need is a tuition voucher from the school at which you are taking the class, your loan application, and when you expect to complete the class.

If you have questions, give us a call and we will be happy to help you!